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Oregon Trail

Albert Bierstadt

Oregon Trail - Albert Bierstadt -

Title:Oregon Trail
Painted by:Albert Bierstadt

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One of the best paintings I ever saw. The light is so mystical and warm, giving such a grandure to the forest and the entire scene. Bierstadt is definitely my new favorite artist!

Posted by iris on 4.March 2010, 06:41

This art is full life and beauty. It shows feelings and respect for those who have took the trail. Oregon was a state of history and different conquers. Once owned by the british this picture shows manifest destiny. The true growing of a country. No one couldnt notice the work and effort put into this painting of western civilization.

Posted by Anius Williams on 12.May 2011, 09:50

really creaative love it a lot i can tell the oregon trail camping is hare you need wood a fire preety much everything in the whole wide world
ore gon trail comment
Posted by abby on 1.June 2011, 14:59

A really fantastic painting. The painter elevated the ordinary scene into extraordinarily sublime scene. A really admirable work of art.
Posted by Michael on 3.January 2012, 16:30

This is the best painting I have ever seen on the world
So good
Posted by Minya on 13.February 2012, 14:16

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